India’s Premiere Affordable Wellness and Savings Program

  • Encourage healthier lifestyle in employees
  • Boost productivity of your organization
  • Delivered digitally on a Mobile app platform.
  • Savings on Yearly medical and wellness expenses via Health Card

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India's premere wellness program with a combination of savings plan

The lives of corporate employees are full of stress and health often takes a backseat while career is in fourth gear. When people are happy at work, they are healthier and happier in life and more productive. When employees feel that their workplace environment is negative, they feel stressed. Stress has large impact on employees’ mental and physical health, and in turn, on productivity. By starting a Corporate Wellness program, organizations are able to improve the overall productivity and are able to save money on health care expenses. By encouraging healthier lifestyles, organizations are creating healthier employees who will work more diligently and miss fewer days of work due to illness.

Program Details

NUFIT Corporate Wellness Program is an end-to-end initiative with constant facilitation in enhancing wellness and overall productivity of each corporate and we strongly believe healthy employees are an organizations greatest asset. At NUFIT, we believe in results, our personalized wellness program guarantee superb results if followed correctly. A complete current health status along with a personalized wellness program designed by expert doctor and dietician is handed over to every individual. The Corporate Wellness Program is provided to employees as a combination of educational, organizational and environmental activities designed to support behavior conducive to health comprising of health fairs, education, medical screening, coaching, onsite fitness programs and facilities designed to change employee behavior in order to achieve better health and reduce associated health risks. The program can also be widened to include spouses of employees as well. This would create family “teams” that would help sustain the healthy lifestyle choices by passing them along to families. NUFIT’s Personalized Programs are instrumental in preventing employees from stress through counseling and yoga sessions which help maintain the peace and sanctity of the hassled, multi-tasking mind. The results are outstanding when it comes to controlling Weight Loss, high blood pressure, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases in already affected individuals through Personalized Nutrition, Exercise, Yoga, Preventive Tests and Awareness programs on prevention of complications and maintaining health of the employees.


NUFIT Provide a HEALTHCARD to every member which can be used at various network healthcare centers near you and enable members to save a substantial amount on yearly medical and wellness expenses via subsidized rates and free services

OPD Consultation, Diagnostics and Medicines is a major portion of a family’s health expense. With NUFIT Membership and Healthcard, enjoy yearlong substantial savings via discounts at top healthcare centers. What’s more !same membership allows you even savings in Dental procedure, Yearly Health check-ups packages, Beauty parlors, Optical centers, GYM and SPA


Health Card

Wellness Engagement Program

Online Health Risk Assessment

  • HRA of all participating employees
  • Current Health Status Report / Score
  • Health Goals
  • Wellness Recommendations
  • Health Screening

Nufit Engagement

  • Mobile app based environment
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Set Health Goals
  • Themed Challenges
  • App based Health Talk/Video

Nufit Actions

  • Personalized and Customzed Diet Plans for Weight Loss/ Gain/Maintenance
  • Disease Specific Diet plan
  • Customized Exercise and Yoga Plan
  • Doctor and Dietician on call and Counseling
  • Dedicated Diet and Fitness Coaches
  • Nutrition and Health risk alerts
  • Health check-up management
  • Lifestyle Modification as per body type


  1. Substantial Savings on Medical expenses via Healthcare Discount Card
  2. Observe measurable changes in your employee’s health, fitness and diet.
  3. Enable weight loss or gain of 3 to 5 kg or more over a period of 6 to 8 weeks.
  4. Observe better management of existing disease and stay healthy.
  5. Reduce health care service use and costs associated with avoidable complications, such as emergency room visits & hospitalizations

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