Disease Management

People with chronic medical conditions generally use more health care services, including doctor visits, hospitalization, and medicines. The number of people living with chronic medical conditions in India is on rising such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic Kidney Disease, Arthritis, Heart Disease and the rising health care cost for the management of these diseases have greater financial burden on the family. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers, and chronic respiratory diseases are increasing rapidly across the country and It accounts to 53 percent of all deaths in India. NUFIT’s experienced team of doctors and dietician has designed a Disease Management Program which completely focus on Organized Care which is lacking in India and at the same time committed to reduce the financial burden of the family by providing healthcare services at Subsidized rates.


Why Disease Management?

  • Organized Care
  • Disease management is a system of coordinated healthcare interventions and communications for populations with conditions in which patient self-care efforts are significant. Disease Management is intended to reduce healthcare costs and at the same time improve quality of life for individuals by preventing or minimizing the effects of disease.
  • People living with chronic diseases are educated to live independently.
  • One important aspect of disease management is its goal of preventing another disease from developing. Eg: People with diabetes are at the risk of developing heart, nerve or eye problems, therefore one goal of chronic disease management is preventing the extra problems from occurring.
  • Substantial Savings on yearly Medical and Wellness expenses via Health Card

How It Works?

NUFIT’s Disease management programs specially designed to improve the health of persons with specific chronic conditions and to reduce health care service use and costs associated with a complications, such as emergency room visits & hospitalizations

The patients, after enrolment, are consulted by a team of Doctors & Dieticians and assess the current medical condition via Health Risk Assessment tool (HRA). Post HRA, NUFIT’s medical team offer information and education about their disease and the means to handle them through Nutrition, Exercise, Yoga, Better adherence of medication, Lifestyle modification. NUFIT’s Disease Management Program are personalized and customized as per the patient’s body type and offers a yearlong engagement program via Customized Diet Plan and Dietician counseling, Disease specific health tips and literature, Health risk symptoms management, Homecare facility, Medicine Reminder ,Routine and Preventive Health check up reminders at regular intervals with a free SMS alert service. Patients are also attached with Disease Advisors team run by doctors, nurses while psychologists also assist the patients. They also visit homes of the patients to check their progress and advise them on the way forward. This, in turn, reassures the patients that they are in safe hands and would receive the required care as and when necessary.


  1. Personalized Nutrition, Exercise and Yoga and Health risk alerts Program
  2. Counseling program by dedicated doctor, dietician and hospitals
  3. Instant telephonic Dedicated Doctor and Dietician advise
  4. Digitization of Medical Record and help individuals track and self monitor.
  5. Preventive and Regular Health Check-up Management
  6. Health Risks and Symptom Management
  7. Homecare service management
  8. Alternative Treatment


  1. Reduce the Healthcare service use and associated cost
  2. Improve quality of life
  3. Avoid complication such as emergency room visits and hospitalization
  4. Preventing another disease from developing

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