Gold Membership Plan

With NUFIT's Gold membership lead a healthy life, smartly with yearlong health management services and substantial savings via discounts and free services across India at TOP hospitals and diagnostics centres. That’s not all ! Save money at GYM,SPA,Parlour, Dental, Optical ,Eye, Slimming centres and more

Stay fit with yearlong preventive health services,manage your existing disease with NUFIT's personalized and customised program keeping in mind members preferences and existing medical conditions.

Family of four papule

  • Savings worth Rs 35000 and more via discounts, Customised programs and free services
  • 2 SRL full body health check-ups @ Rs 7600 with 6 members and @ Rs3000 with 3 members and @ 4800 with 4+ members
  • PAN India Health Card: 20-40% discount on OPD Consultation/Lab/Medicines/GYM/ SPA/Optical/ Dental/Inpatient/ Health check-ups
  • 30-40% reduced price in surgical cases*
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Get your Health Score/ Set Health Goals and Track Progress
  • Eligible for free offers worth Rs 10000 and more*
  • 50 online and telephonic doctor consultation from TOP hospitals and consultants (Per family)
  • 20 Aurveda doctor consultations. (Per family)
  • 6 Customized diet plan & Yearlong counselling (Per member)
    • Weight Loss
    • Diabetes
    • PCOD, Thyroid,High cholesterol
    • Heart & Renal Disease
    • Any other Medical Condition
  • Lead a healthy and complication free life with our Unique Disease Management Program
  • Digital Health: Digitise your medical record, Realtime monitoring,Health check-up reminders,Health data analysis & risk alerts and more
  • Child Health Program
    • Yearlong doctor and Dietician councelling
    • Immunization Schedule reminder
    • Know your child's growth & development Milestones
    • Nutrition, Health risk, Vitamin alerts & councelling
    • Boost your child's immunity

Discounts at Healthcare Centers

Pharmacy 10-18% off Diagnostics 20-30% off
GYM & SPA 15-25% off OPD Consultation 10 to 30%
Hospitalization/ Treatment 15-30% Off Beauty Services 10-30% off
Dental Treatment 10-20% off Optical 10-25% off

More reasons to buy

Membership fees gets covered one day one with free SRL health-cups
Opportunity to earn more than 25 K per month. Refer a family and earn upto Rs 1200
Unlimited use of Healthcard,Save PAN India Save More than 35 K via discounts, programs and free services
Only top,trusted and verified providers
No need to go for costly Weightloss program
Learn to manage your own disease via Digital Health
Gold members eligible for free and special offers