NUFIT is an Odisha Govt Recognised Healthcare and Wellness company with a vision to provide a solution to India’s growing disease level, particularly NCD (Non communicable disease )like diabetes, Heart, Cancer, Hypertension, risk factor like obesity and the family’s financial burden in managing these diseases. Wellness and Preventive Health market expected to touch $106 billion by 2022 which clearly shows there is a huge business opportunity in India for the company who are trying to find a solution to these problems and their associates.

NUFIT provide a platform that helps people to access high quality Healthcare and Wellness services at an affordable cost. The range of services includes Savings on yearly medical and wellness expenses via substantial discounts, Preventive Health, Personalised & Customised Nutrition and Fitness plan, Disease Management, Homecare, Child & Woman Health program, Digitisation of medical record and a personalised mobile app.

Business Associate benefits

  • Earning opportunity of more than Rs 1 lac per month.
  • Generate business from the existing and new client of yours
  • Unique and easily saleable product because of low cost with a load of savings and health benefits
  • Commission up to 50%

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