Second Opinion

A lot of times we are wrongly diagnosed by our very own doctor, we have doubts over ongoing line of treatment or the treatment plan suggested or the cost associated. The Medical Second Opinion will help you by confirming the diagnosis or treatment is correct, highlighting additional aspects to the primary diagnosis & treatment or more treatment options. However you may have limited access to highly specialized doctor or hospitals depending on where you live, your availability for travel or your mobility.

  • Accessibility to India’s top doctors right from your home
  • Peace of mind at a fraction of cost


NUFIT has created an ONLINE platform with India’ top specialists /super specialists and trusted hospitals across the country to offer a Medical Second Opinion to the patient at a very nominal fee (Rs 1000 to 3000) within 48 hours. You can choose from among various medical specialists from around the world based on their specialty and super specialty, experience, disease expertise and price. NUFIT has a list panel doctor’s hospital after carefully reviewing the qualifications and experience of each doctor to make sure you get the most qualified help available.


This is an online platform where medical opinion is given for surgical cases and major medical procedures.

Step 1: Submit the form with reports
Step 2: You can view doctors’/ Hospital profiles who are available to provide opinion on your case.
Step 3: Complete the action by selecting the doctor or hospital and Mode (Written,Telephonic or Video)
Step 4: Get online medical opinion from the doctors within 24-48 working hours